Day 5 – Yesterday’s Funny

20180609_190851.jpgSitting in the chemo suite yesterday, we watched as a man in his mid 60s was seated next to us. We said hello and struck up a conversation. He was friendly, optimistic, and very talkative. VERY talkative! We learned he is a local politician, and he had much to say about this year’s primary.  He told us several times that he loves being able to talk to people during chemotherapy.

Sis’s boyfriend Jerry joined us in the early afternoon. Jerry is also quite talkative. Dad calls him “He of many words.” Sis in her sneaky way introduced Jerry to our new politician friend and encouraged them to talk politics. That was great because my ears were already tired. It seemed that Jerry and the politician were having a great discussion, so I turned my attention to relaxing with my phone by shopping for jammies online. (Buying comfy jammies during stressful times is one of my things.)

A couple hours later Jerry left to run errands for a bit. When he came back, he was his usual high energy self and loudly declared, “I had to call my sister just so I could talk.”

I roared with laughter.

I rarely meet anyone who talks more than my very best friends, who I often have to interrupt with, “Ssshhh! It’s still my turn to talk.” Family dinners with Jerry usually mean we are his audience for an extended period of time. He has lots of stories to tell, and lots he wants us to know.

In fact, I am at Sis’s apartment sitting in her bedroom writing this post. Mom, Dad, Sis, and Jerry are in the living room. Jerry has held the floor the entire time I have been writing  this post. So the fact that HE couldn’t talk much during the conversation with the politician and had to call his sister just so he could talk was hilarious.


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