Day 6 – Out and About

48 hours post chemo and Sis was strong enough, and determined enough, to get out of the apartment. This is no small feat considering there is a flight of stairs to go down… and to come back up.

After Sis had a long soak in the tub, we slowly made our way out the door and down the stairs, down the sidewalk and to my van. Fortunately, Sis has lots of great pain medicine, so the biggest issues were fatigue and being a bit off balance.

Sis climbed the front stairs at Mom and Dad’s house all by herself. Doing this seemingly ordinary task would have been all but impossible during the last chemotherapy and radiation cycle. Mom, Dad, Sis, and I sat at the kitchen table visiting for a couple hours. We tried to fix the problems in our nation, but to no avail. We did, however, make great strides in supporting our local economy by deciding to go out to eat for dinner.

Sis again made her way out the door, down the stairs, and into my van. And then back out of the van, into the restaurant, and to our table. Well medicated, Sis enjoyed dinner at one of her favorite restaurants. The walk back to the van, up the stairs to her apartment, into the apartment and to her bed were both slow and painful. She tells me she is not as tough as I think she is, but that is categorically untrue.

During a chronic illness, it really is the little things that matter… and that are not so little. A month ago, swimming together in the pool and enjoying lunch at Cheddar’s was a great way to spend part of a day together. Now, post chemotherapy, Sis being able to wobble her way to the van and sit upright at Angelo’s for dinner is truly a gift. It is one we are able to enjoy because Sis’s oncologist did a great job of prescibing what Sis needs to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy as much as possible. Dr. Robin Zon, we thank you and we trust you!

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