Day 13 – A Day With My Dad

Castle Butte-20140807-00693
Me and Dad in The Badlands, June 2014.

Before my family gets all crazy let me say that yes, he is OUR dad. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister, all older than dirt. Lol. They are not the ones writing this however. I am. And he is MY dad, even if I have to share him sometimes.

Today is Father’s Day, of course. Our family is blessed to still have our loving and funny dad with us. He is in pretty good health for an old guy. 🙂 (That’s what Mom says.) Celebrating my dad today with my mom and sister and a few of the grandkids and one of the greats was the best!

We had delicious food my mom and I made. The highlight of lunch were Italian beef / Philly steak type sandwiches made fresh at home. Thin Philly steak slices cooked in olive oil, garlic, and onion. Peppers and onions carmelized in the yummy bits left in the pan from cooking the beef. Crusty rolls smeared with garlic butter toasted on the grill pan until warm and chewy. The sandwich dunked in au jus before each bite made delicious salty juice run down our chins.

We didn’t do much after our incredible lunch. Everyone was pretty full. We were also happy to simply hang out together during a peaceful afternoon of visiting and playing on our phones. Sometimes just being together doing a whole lot of nothing is the best way to be together. We have a very big family, but everyone is busy building their dreams and living their lives. Time together to do nothing is pretty rare.

I am blessed to have my dad who makes me laugh during the hard times and is a firm foundation under my feet. I know these months of my sister’s illness have been as traumatic for him as they have been for the rest of us, but he is a source of unwavering strength for us all. Happy Father’s Day to MY dad! I love you beyond words.




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