Day 2,083 and 1,896 – Chemo #2

So a bit of a change in the day number, huh? I realized that tracking the day number from the day the blog started was a HUGE misrepresentation of the reality of cancer in my life, my sister’s life, and my family’s life. As you can see above, we have been living with cancer for far longer than 28 days.

John was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer on October 16, 2012. I used April 21, 2013 as Sis’s diagnosis date. Not everybody remembers that as the date, and frankly I am not quite positive myself, but I will never forget the moment sitting in my van in the parking garage at Ivy Tech in Indianapolis when my sister called and told me the doctor found cancer. I will tell you that story in a future blog, I am sure.

As you see, we have been living with and fighting cancer for far longer than 28 days. The real numbers remind me that it’s okay to be tired or overwhelmed sometimes. Not only is it okay, it’s to be expected. Waking up 2,083 times to the brutal reality of my husband’s cancer and 1,896 times to fight the fear of my sister’s cancer is a life challenge unlike anything I have ever experienced. I consider it one of my greatest accomplishments that I successfully navigated life while my husband and sister were fighting cancer AT THE SAME TIME!

The good news today is that chemo number 2 is behind us. The chemo treatment went fairly smoothly given the fact that Sis is allergic to the chemo drug. She takes steroids the night before chemo and benadryl right before it, as well as a dose during it these first two treatments. Each treatments lasts about 5 hours.

Sis also had her second dose of Neulasta to help her body replenish her white blood cells today. It makes her miserable, frankly. The pain from making her bone marrow work hard starts in her jaw about 10 minutes after the Neulasta pump starts. It then moves to her arms, legs, and chest. The pain meds take the edge of the Neulasta pain, but that’s about it for the first 24 – 36 hours after the shot. My sister is truly one tough chic!

There will be a CT scan July 19th. Dr. Zon will discuss the results on the 25th. It will be good to have confirmation that the chemo is working and the cancer is shrinking.


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