Charlie can’t make it all better. Nothing can ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER make it all better. Well, a miracle could, and maybe just maybe we will get our miracle next week. Maybe the chemo is shrinking the tumor in her lung. Maybe at minimum it is keeping it from growing and spreading. Maybe it’s not! That maybe wakes me up in panic. That maybe steals my joy, my peace, and my future. I’ve walked that maybe before. That maybe destroyed everything.

So I need Charlie, chocolate, and my sister. Mr. Wonka will sing and dance just for us. He will take us to a world of chocolate imagination that will almost certainly lead to a delicious post performance binge. Violet will turn violet. And that skinny kid who looks like he has never eaten chocolate in his life will hopefully obsess about other things than his guns. And Charlie… Charlie will still prevail because he is kind and good.



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