Limping With a Broken Leg


On the way to lunch yesterday, Sis commented that I have not blogged here for a while. I responded, “I can’t because I can’t face what’s happening.” The first chemo wasn’t working. One of the tumors in her lung grew over a centimeter in two months. A new tumor grew to the size of a lemon in the same time period. A rare but known side effect of the new chemo is congestive heart failure. HOW am I supposed to face that? I don’t know the answer. After all I have been through and learned throughout John’s illness and after his death, I still have no idea how to face the truth of this part of my sister’s illness. I haven’t given up hope, but we are not winning the battle right now. All I can do is to keep breathing, keep spending time with Sis and make the best of every day.

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